Southern Tank, Inc., is DOT HM-183 certified and offers other inspections required for trailers to stay compliant.

DOT HM-183

  •     V-External Visual Inspection
  •     I-Internal Visual Inspection
  •     K-Leakage Test
  •     T-Thickness Test
  •     P-Pressure Test
  •     L-Lining Inspection

Other Inspections and Tests

  • UC-Upper Coupler Inspection
  • K-EPA27-Vapor Tightness Test (Method 27)
  • Wet Test
  • MC330/331 Retest
  • Annual DOT/FMSA Inspection
  • PMI-Preventative Maintenance Inspection
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
  • Wet Mag Particle Test
  • ISO Container Periodic Inspection
  • Hose Pressure Test
  • Pressure and Vacuum Relief Vent Test
  • Valve Leak Test